Funding opportunities supporting open research

Aims of this work

This work is part of a collaborative project on how senior academics can implement and support open research practices in 3 practical steps: 1) changing hiring criteria, 2) changing how scholarly outputs are credited, 3) changing how publishing and funding are addressed. We created this database to aid change in funding. By compiling a resource where funds supporting open research practices are highlighted, we hope to increase awareness on how funding bodies are promoting a cultural change towards open research and to inspire researchers to be part of such cultural change. More information is available in our preprint. The authors of this preprint are additionally supporting open research practices through the R.I.O.T. Science Club, a grassroots initiative providing training in Reproducible, Interpretable, Open, and Transparent science.

Data collection and selection

This database contains research funding opportunities which mentioned open research practices or principles. Data on any available research grant were automatically collected from the National Institutes of Health and the UK Research and Innovation websites, based on the following openly available code. Of note, such websites were selected as they allow for automatic collection of funding data, contrarily to other databases. However, there are a number of funding agencies supporting open research practices whose grants could not be included here and which we suggest consulting, e.g. Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek. After data collection, grants were filtered based on a series of keywords, such as FAIR principles and reproducibility (see scripts for more details).


Last updated on the 8th of March 2022.